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Comments from Charles’ Most Recent Seminar

“Personality Selling is the key to more sales.  You must find out what personality your customers are and then change your presentation.  Awesome Job!”

Chris Hill, Sales Manager
Bowen Family Homes

“I believe this seminar is going to help increase my sales 100%, and I am already one of the top sales people with our company.”

Twanda L. Garvin
Knight Realty

“Excellent.  This has been the best seminar I have been to and the first to change my views of the sales process.”

Kate Bergman
McBride & Son Homes

“Super-fantastic.  Selling is not about the product, but about the people and their buying process.  You really brought that home!!!”

Heather Keimer
McBride & Son Homes

“The information is making me think outside my norm of selling skills.”

Ginger Anderson
Corners Communities Realty LLC


** We have also presented to most every SMC & HBA in North America


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