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"Without exception, when compared to California-wide stats, this division is at least closing 4 TIMES what others are. I believe it is because we are selling to ALL FOUR buyer personalities instead of just the personality of the respective sales professional...It works for us. We measure the results. Even at that, the value of an annual refresher is obvious by the spike in sales that follows your visit. After all, the acid test is whetehr we get more value than the cost we spend. Our continuing involvement confirms that my team shows that value has been acheived."

David Harding, CMP
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Western Pacific Housing

"Thank you once again for the phenomenal training given to our Pulte and Del Webb sales associates...I have received many wonderful comments on how our agents can implement their newfound knowledge into their everyday endeavors of selling more homes!...[I] will forever embrace this teaching that will give the edge to anyone in a sales career."

Susan Camara
Director of Sales
Del Webb, Arizona Active Adult

"Here’s what some of the people we’ve trained have to say about the kind of results our system produces:

“In March we had Charles come in for two days and in April, we tripled our sales! We had more sales in April than we did in January, February and March combined! It was a direct result of Charles being here. He’s the best in terms of results.”

Bobby Nail – CLB Partners, Addison TX

“If we would not have done exactly everything Charles professes, we would not have achieved commissions approximately 5 times higher than our average.”

Lisa & Jerry Minerich – Capital Pacific Homes
Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas and California

“I literally tripled my already successful sales by using the unique Master Closer strategies of Charles. He is a genius and the sales and marketing guru of our industry.”

Lisa Stargill – La Grange Georgia

“In the last nine years, Charles’ programs have helped lead us to an explosion of growth tenfold. Not only does he more than double sales with anyone who will use his methods, he is the Johnny Appleseed of our industry, spreading good will and increased sales and profits wherever he goes.”

Barry Conner – President and Owner
America’s Home Place, in 47 cities

“ After my people attended their first Charles Clarke seminar, our closing ratios more than doubled. We felt that a second time would be even more beneficial, and it was. Our first day back we had four traffic units. Out of the four we got two contracts and two appointments. Without the follow-up seminar, that would not have happened.”

Rich Westlake
Premier Villages

“Our people are still talking about the great job you did. Of all the seminars this company has conducted over the years, this one greatly surpasses the others. In the area of sales, our people are experiencing from 50 % to 100 % increase in their sales. It’s absolutely phenomenal! Every building company in America should be jumping to get their hands on this information. It’s utterly amazing. Those tough, hard to get along with customers are now handled with ease by our construction people.

It’s not one of those systems where people use it for a few days and then give up on it. BOLT sticks with people and gives them an advantage in dealing with people for the rest of their lives.”

Barry Conner
America’s Home Place

“Your seminar has been the company-wide talk of the town. Even some of our most seasoned professionals who have been to every seminar imaginable, say it is THE ABSOLUTE BEST THEY HAVE EVER ATTENDED. Several have told me that, not only in terms of fun and excitement but, specifically, in substance, you far surpass such names as Zig Ziglar, Tommy Hopkins and Danielle Kennedy.
What pleases me the most is that by bringing you in we drastically increased our company-wide listings and sales. In some cases our agents have literally DOUBLED their listings and sales and they attribute it to your unique, real world closing techniques.

Some of our agents who have heard you speak at the National Association of Realtors annual conventions over the last 8 to 10 years were delighted to receive a full, concentrated day of your exceptional material, instead of just an hour or two at the conventions.”

Joan Gustavel, President and Owner
Prudential First Paramount Realty

“ For the year ending July 2001 we had 138 sales. For the year ending July 2002 we had 232 sales. What caused such an increase? We owe this to you and your Master Closer’s program. Your training has enabled our relatively young sales staff to increase sales by over 68 %, and that increase continues to grow.

I’ve had an immense amount of training. When I was asked to critique your course, I cringed. I thought “not another sales course….why me?” Well, I’m grateful for the opportunity and am a firm believer in your approach. It is without a doubt the best sales tool in the industry. Certainly NOT just another sales course.”

Jerry George, Sales Manager
Inverness Group

“Of all the sales trainers we have used during the last few years, you and your system have been the most requested for a return visit. Just as you were finishing the afternoon session of the second day, one of our sales counselors called me to tell me she had applied your BOLT system to a visitor that morning: “I recognized this guy as a Bull, treated him as such, and sold him a home. This stuff really works. Thanks.” You not only impart a great deal of knowledge but your personal style motivates people to a higher level of performance.”

Jerry Costanzo, Director of Sales Training
K. Hovnanian Companies

“You are not only an educator, but an entertainer and an extremely charismatic speaker. Our audience had both new agents and Broker-Owners of real estate companies. You expertly managed to teach everyone new sales techniques that they will use to increase their business.”

Diana Crabtree, Sales Director
Mastin Kirkland Bolling

“We have utilized other sales and marketing consultants and I must say there is absolutely no comparison. You are THE BEST! We enjoyed success every time. You are a constant fountain of knowledge. Charles Clarke III is THE GURU of sales and marketing.”

Rick Cosgriff
Heritage North Development

“I feel compelled to express to you my appreciation and gratitude for a first class sales meeting. Over the past quarter century or so I have attended numerous seminars, but have never been more impressed with the offering. Each of us brought away something to make us more productive as individuals.”

Philip Scott, General Manager
Greenville Construction

“What an exceptional seminar! What interesting subject matter! WHAT A SUPERIOR SPEAKER!!!”

Pat Adkins, Education Director
Home Owners Warranty Council of the Builder’s Association

“I believe my company has benefited immensely from our recent seminar. We are indebted to Charles Clarke for showing us how to succeed using his principles. I would highly recommend his seminars for everyone involved with new home sales.”

John Fogarty, President
Fogarty Homes



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